U.S. Timber Cutters has certified chainsaw mechanics and professional timber cutters that conduct a course on chainsaw safety and maintenance. This course is ideal for employees that work in an operational section at the Municipal, County, State and Federal levels. Utility companies have been utilizing this course, as well.

We have a course on hazard tree identification. It is taught by a Certified Arborst and a Professional Timber Cutter. The course covers tree mortality from a scientific background and teaches you in depth the hows and whys of tree failure.

Our course, Timber Cruising Standards, is taught by a Professional Forester. This is a good course for private land owners thinking about harvesting or selective thinning their property. It brings the property owner up to speed on what they have as a resource in dollars. Also, this course has been popular for those thinking about putting their property in a Forest Stewardship Program.

Learn how to PROTECT your property and community from wildland fires. This course teaches landowners how to be responsible if your property is in a higher risk area. There are ways to mitigate loss by applying a few simple steps to alleviate potential fire spread.

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